Emergency Dentist: Knowing When to Call

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What Are Those Bumps On A Child's Teeth?

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Most children have a full set of 20 baby teeth by the time they are three, before 32 permanent (or adult) teeth start to appear. Children’s baby and permanent teeth start to appear at different ages, but one thing that many parents notice is that their kids’ front adult teeth have several small bumps on the cutting edges. Find out what these bumps are, and learn why permanent teeth form in this way. Read More»

Pregnancy Gingivitis: Three Things All Mums-To-Be Should Know

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There are 101 things that you have on your mind as you move through your pregnancy, but gingivitis is probably not one of them. However, once you enter your second month of pregnancy, your gingivitis odds increase through to the end of your pregnancy. Here are the three main things you need to know about pregnancy gingivitis and how you can fight back. Why The Increased Chance Of Gingivitis During Pregnancy? Read More»

Do You Grind Your Teeth When You Sleep?

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Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? If you do, you could be damaging your oral health. Read on to find out why you grind your teeth and how to stop. What causes teeth grinding? Teeth grinding or ‘bruxism’ to give the habit its proper name, has many causes which vary between individuals. The majority of bruxism cases are linked to feelings of depression, stress or anxiety. The habit gets worse when the sufferer is experiencing distress, upset or increased stress in their lives. Read More»

Jewish Dentists and Medical Emergencies: When is Suspending the Sabbath Warranted?

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Jewish dentists may observe the Sabbath if they’re particularly religious, and so they must consider this when making the decision of whether or not to treat a patient. What kind of emergency is warranted for breaking the Sabbath? Suspending the Sabbath for a dental emergency In the case of an emergency that’s endangering the life of the patient, the Sabbath can be abrogated or suspended. Abrogation of the Sabbath means that it has been “ Read More»

Safe Dental Care for Pregnant Women: Can the Procedure Wait or Not?

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You may be wondering whether it’s safe to have routine dental treatment when pregnant or whether you’d be better holding off until you’ve given birth. There are times when you should opt for treatment and occasions when it’s best to wait. So that there isn’t more confusion, here is an overview of safe dental care during pregnancy. When to Have Treatment While Pregnant Professional teeth cleaning and routine check-ups are recommended in pregnancy as changes to your hormone levels can leave you susceptible to gum infections. Read More»

The Truth Behind 3 Myths About Your Child's Teeth

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As a parent, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your child happy and healthy. With all of the conflicting advice online and from family and friends, it can be difficult to know what to do. Your child’s first teeth are important, so here is the truth behind three myths that you might have heard about your child’s oral health.   1. Baby toothpaste is best for young children. Read More»

Should I go overseas for my dental treatment?

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The idea of combining a tropical holiday with getting your expensive dental work done for less has gained some popularity. Overseas dental procedures are often advertised as being of the same quality as dental work that is performed in Australia. However there are some very good reasons why it is still better to get your work performed by a dentist in Australia.  Limited follow up care If you have work performed overseas, you will usually be back home within a week. Read More»

Everything You Need To Know About Denture Repair

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If you have dentures there is a good possibility that at some point you will need to have them repaired. Daily wear and tear can, over time, cause problems that will need to be repaired in order for your dentures to function properly. Sometimes these repairs can be handled on the spot while other repairs may require you to send your dentures to a dental lab. Either way, taking care of repairs as soon as they happen will extend the life of your dentures. Read More»