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Can Oil Pulling Prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis?

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Your hormones change a lot when you're pregnant, and in some cases, these changes may have negative effects on parts of your body. For example, you may develop problems with gum disease during pregnancy and may end up with pregnancy gingivitis. This kind of gum disease is typically caused because of changes in your hormones that prevent your body from dealing with plaque as it did before you got pregnant.

While pregnancy gingivitis may sort itself out after you've had your baby, it's important to try to avoid getting this problem in the first place. This isn't just about keeping your teeth and gums healthy but is also about protecting the health of your baby. Gum disease in pregnancy has been linked to low birth weights and premature births. While maintaining a good daily dental hygiene routine and seeing your dentist regularly may help you avoid gum problems, you may give your gum health an additional boost by oil pulling. How can oil pulling help prevent gum disease, and is it safe to oil pull when you're pregnant?

How Oil Pulling Protects Your Gums

While some people use oil pulling as a general physical detox, others use it for its dental benefits. When you oil pull, you use an oil like a mouthwash, swishing it around your mouth for around 20 minutes a day before spitting it out. During this time, the oil picks up toxins from your mouth and removes them when you get rid of the oil.

From a general perspective, oil pulling prevents toxins from getting into your bloodstream; from a dental perspective, it may help remove toxins from your teeth and gums. Some studies have shown that oil pulling may reduce gingivitis that is caused by plaque by both reducing the plaque that sits on your teeth and preventing plaque from taking hold. If your pregnancy is making it harder for your body to deal with plaque and puts you at a higher risk of developing plaque-related gum disease, oil pulling may be a useful way to help you get rid of the problem.

Is Oil Pulling Safe in Pregnancy?

The fact that you spit out the oil you pull should make oil pulling safe in pregnancy. While you're collecting toxins during an oil pull, you don't swallow them, so they shouldn't be able to do you any harm.

Tip: There is no scientific evidence that oil pulling is harmful in pregnancy; however, if you aren't sure if this is a good idea for you, talk to your doctor before you start oil pulling to check if it is OK.

Other Considerations

While oil pulling may not pose a problem in itself, you may find it hard to pull oil effectively while you're pregnant, especially if you are suffering from morning sickness. While you may be advised to oil pull in the morning before you eat and drink anything, you may find that oil pulling is easier later in the day once your nausea has passed.

Although oil pulling may help remove harmful bacteria from your gums, you shouldn't use it as a replacement for your regular dental routine. It's very important to brush and floss your teeth when you're pregnant. Also, if you notice any gum bleeding or tenderness issues during your pregnancy, you should go and see your dentist to have your gums checked. Oil pulling may help keep your mouth healthy and may reduce the chances of developing gum disease, but only a dentist can sort you out if you do develop gum problems. For more information, contact a local dental clinic like Absolute Smiles