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Yellow Teeth? How Cosmetic Laser Dental Treatment Could Help

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If you have discoloured or yellow teeth and you don't like the way they look, you may be wondering if it's possible to have your teeth whitened without the time-consuming and sometimes-messy process involving chemical bleaching treatments. Well, the good news is that laser dentistry is now being widely used for cosmetic treatments such as whitening, as an alternative to traditional methods. Here's some helpful information about the process involved and the advantages it can offer.

What does laser tooth whitening involve?

Traditional methods of tooth whitening often involve several repeat visits to the dentist, as well as home treatment processes.  Laser whitening is a much quicker process, usually requiring just one trip to the dental clinic and as little as just one hour on the chair.

The first stage in the whitening process simply involves having your teeth thoroughly cleaned and polished to get rid of any surface staining, plaque, and tartar.  The dentist then applies a protective gel to your gums and fits a rubber 'dam' over them. 

Your teeth are painted with a whitening product and a powerful laser light is shone onto them in order to activate the bleaching component.  The laser light triggers a reaction within the bleaching agent that causes a rapid colour change in the tooth enamel, often making the teeth up to six shades whiter than their original colour.

The whitening effect is pretty immediate too with results being seen instantaneously, rather than having to wait weeks as you would do with traditional whitening treatments.  The effects of laser tooth whitening generally lasts for a few years; whereas whitening achieved using bleaching pastes will have to be repeated more frequently.

What other advantages are there?

Laser whitening is generally considered to be safer than other bleaching treatments.  This is because the treatment is not only 'cleaner'; it does also not need to be repeated frequently, meaning that your tongue, gums, and mouth are not exposed repeatedly to chemical bleaches.

Laser whitening can also work out cheaper in the long run.  This is because you don't have to have the treatment carried out as frequently as is necessary with other whitening treatments in order to maintain the effect.

In conclusion

If you're fed up with having yellow or discoloured teeth, laser tooth whitening may be an option you would like to consider.  Why not have a chat with your local cosmetic dental clinician for more information on how laser tooth whitening could improve your smile.