Emergency Dentist: Knowing When to Call

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Oral Issues That Necessitate Immediate Attention from an Emergency Dentist

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Medical emergencies are something that nobody wants to experience. For that reason, there could be situations that you should deem an emergency but you underrate the issue since you do not want to go to the hospital. Dental emergencies are some of the most overlooked medical problems, as some individuals assume that self-medicating with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals will suffice. However, this is a terrible approach. If you begin to suffer from dental problems, irrespective of how minor you think they are, it is critical to go see a dentist immediately, And if the issues crop up after hours, then you are in dire need of an emergency dentist. This article touches on just two oral issues that necessitate immediate attention from an emergency dentist.

Acute, persistent pain

Dental pain is not uncommon. If you have sensitive teeth, you likely experience dental pain each time you brush your teeth, drink hot or cold drinks and so on. Nevertheless, if you are routinely experiencing dental pain that started and has not gone away, you should go and see an emergency dentist immediately. When the pain is acute and lingers, it tends to stem from extensive oral decay that will only get worse the longer it is left unaddressed. An emergency dentist will first investigate the cause so that you can comprehend what exactly is going on with your teeth. You will then undergo treatment, potentially a root canal if the pain is caused by decay. Lastly, your emergency dentist will then advise you on measures to take to prevent the issue from cropping up again.

Abscess or infected sores

Another issue that you may realise you have after a while that will need dental attention is an abscess in your mouth or one that has become infected. Oral infections should ever be taken lightly. The moment you have an open sore in your mouth, you should be seeking an appointment with an emergency dentist because this is a health problem waiting to happen. The human mouth contains a myriad of bacteria at all times. If these bacteria are to make their way into the open abscess, you could be at risk of additional complications such as heart failure since the bacteria will find their way to your bloodstream. Even if the abscess is not accompanied by pain, it is in your best interests to see an emergency dentist so that they can mitigate any risk of subsequent infections.