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4 Indicators That You Should Have a Dentist Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

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For most people, wisdom teeth don't develop until mid or late teens. By this time, all the other permanent teeth have grown, and they have established their place in your mouth. Usually, the other teeth leave little room to allow the growth of an extra tooth. Therefore, when the wisdom teeth start growing, they are often squeezed, and they end up growing out of alignment with the others.

Anyone who has an impacted tooth can tell you that it is a painful experience. The tooth will get stuck inside your gum or jawbone and make it impossible to chew food and generally wreak havoc on you. At this point, the best way to deal with them would be finding a competent dentist. Here are four ways to know if the tooth development is problematic and you need to have them pulled.

1. Your Jaws And Gums Are Inflamed

When the teeth emerge, they open up some tissue behind your molars. The tissue will collect food particles and other small bits of everything that you eat. If you are not keen on your oral hygiene, the bacteria could lead to an infection, leading to an inflammation response from the body.

2. There Is Constant Pain Where The Teeth Should Be

When they are emerging, wisdom teeth cause a lot of pain and sensitivity at the corners inside of your mouth. You should see a dentist as soon as you experience this pain because failure to do so could lead to complications such as gum abscesses.

3. You Have Cysts In Your Mouth

When the sprouting process does not happen as it should, cysts can grow, and they can even spread to the gums and the jawbone. Some cysts can only be excised by surgery. See a dentist as soon as you notice them around the back of the mouth.

4. You Have A Stiff Or Painful Jaw

It is common for wisdom teeth to grow out of alignment with other teeth. When this happens, they interfere with how your jaw comes together when biting food. It can create excessive stiffness and endless jaw pain. A dentist will check the tooth position to determine whether to remove it or align it.

Visit a competent dentist as soon as you realise that your wisdom teeth are sprouting improperly. The dentist will help you remove them and minimise the pain and discomfort they might have caused you.

For more information about wisdom teeth removal, contact a dentist.