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4 Types of Dental Specialists That Patients Should Know

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Why do people visit a dentist? Notably, most patients believe that any dentist can take care of their oral health issues. However, there is a reason dentists have the letters DDS or DMD after their names. See, dentists specialise in various areas of oral health, and that is why your dentist might refer you to a dental specialist. Knowing the different types of dental specialists can save you time and money when you have an oral health issue. This article highlights the different kinds of dentists in the industry.

Orthodontist — Where do people get their braces, implants, and tooth corrective devices? If you thought that a general dentist handles these procedures, then you are wrong. An orthodontist best treats misalignments on the jaws and crooked teeth. The best part is that orthodontists can attend to both adults and children. It means you do not have to look for a pediatric dentist for your children. When you notice the teeth issues mentioned above, look no further than an orthodontist.

Endodontist — Tooth pain can adversely affect the quality of your life, and the sooner you address it, the better. While a general dentist can prescribe pain-relieving medication for tooth pain, it is not enough in some cases. An endodontist is the right dental practitioner for such oral issues. It might explain the term endodontist, where 'endo' means inside, and 'odont' means teeth. Therefore, an endodontist specialises in tooth pain management without risking tooth loss for patients.

Periodontist — The gums are vital connective tissues that keep the teeth in place. Therefore, when you have a problem with the gums, the chances are high that you might lose your teeth. Periodontitis is a severe gum disease that infects the soft tissue on the gums and the bone structure that hold your teeth together. While periodontitis is preventable, it can have a devastating impact on your teeth if not treated in good time. A periodontist is the right specialist to go to when you have gum issues.

Prosthodontist -- Missing teeth is a significant problem for most people and can affect their social life significantly. The best way to address missing teeth is to fill them up with bridges, crowns, and prostheses. Prosthodontists are the right dental specialists for making prostheses to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Notably, prosthodontists spend further training after dental school to specialise in prosthesis dentistry.

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