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4 Reasons why you should drink more water after a tooth whitening procedure

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After undergoing teeth whitening in chair of your dentist, many patients wonder what they can or cannot eat/drink. The dietary options you make immediately after tooth whitening will affect your overall smile and the health of your teeth. For example, drinking beverages such as coffee, wine or soda immediately after teeth whitening can potentially stain your teeth and decrease your overall glow.

There's a beverage that will actually help you maintain a bright smile; water. Water is, of course, a healthy option for your entire body, but it can particularly help your teeth after whitening. Here's how.

1. It strengthens your enamel

When you use tap water to refill your water bottle after use, you're actually pumping fluoride into your body. Fluoride strengthens the enamel and keeps your whitened teeth healthier for longer.

In fact, most toothpaste brands out there use fluoride in their products to strengthen your teeth against cavities. In addition, fluoride helps your teeth resist intrinsic stains that are much harder to remove.

2. It contains no sugar

Thankfully, pure drinking water is just that: pure. It contains no sugars that can lead to the buildup of plaque. Soft drinks and energy drinks typically contain sugars and acids that can erode the enamel and stain your teeth.

Immediately after tooth whitening, avoid consuming too many sugary drinks. Sugar is particularly troublesome to your newly glowing teeth. It settles in tight spaces between the teeth and gums, causing plaque to accumulate. Plaque is one of the most common reasons why people's teeth gradually turn yellow over time.

With water, you don't have to worry about plaque. Water also rinses your mouth from plaque and other potentially harmful ingredients.

3. No artificial flavours to stain your teeth

Another culprit of stained teeth is artificial flavours. Flavours from foods tend to accumulate in and around your teeth. And because these flavours are coloured, they eventually lead to staining.

When consuming foods rich in artificial flavours, make sure you regularly drink water and brush your teeth afterwards. And when you get into the habit of drinking plenty of water, you can minimise the effect of flavours from staining your smile.

4. It promotes the overall health of your bones

In addition to fluoride, drinking water contains trace amounts of calcium. Calcium helps strengthen the bones in your body, especially your jawbone. A stronger jawbone translates into a healthier mouth and whiter teeth.