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The top 3 cosmetic dentistry procedures you can consider

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There's no underestimating the impact a dazzling smile can have on one's looks and confidence. With Hollywood stars flashing their pearly whites from every page and screen, and many dental techniques becoming more advanced, comfortable and affordable than ever before, cosmetic dentistry has never been so popular.

So what are the top cosmetic dentistry procedures that everyone's flocking to book? Read on to find out.

1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening offers an affordable way to strip years off your appearance by eliminating the stains caused by food, beverages and good old fashioned ageing. A multitude of teeth whitening systems are on the market today, offering a heady mix of options based on cost, time and convenience. From dentist-chair treatments relying on oxygen, light and powerful whitening chemicals, to customised and off-the-shelf take-home trays using a range of whitening solutions, there's bound to be a teeth whitening system to suit you.

The sheer convenience, effectiveness and affordability of the teeth whitening systems available make them the number one most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in use today.

2. Veneers

You may not suspect it, but someone you know has dental veneers. It may be that neighbour of yours who's always smiling, or it could be your child's teacher and, if you enjoy keeping up with the catwalks and red carpets of the world, you've definitely seen veneers at work somewhere.

Veneers work to cover discoloured or chipped teeth, straighten your bite, conceal gaps or simply make your smile more uniform via the application of tooth-shaped caps on the front of your teeth. With new technology and a choice of materials including composite resin, porcelain and the trademarked Lumineers, veneers have rapidly become the second most prevalent cosmetic dentistry procedure on the market today.

3. Braces

If you remember the train track metal braces of the 1980's you may find the idea of braces laughable, but today's braces are so sleek and sneaky, chances are you could be chatting with someone and have no idea they're wearing them. Encompassing strong ceramic, self-ligating models with sliding metal archwires, plastic aligners and even brackets discreetly tucked behind your teeth, there's a style braces set to suit everyone. It's no wonder braces are the third most popular choice in cosmetic dentistry right now.

If you've been feeling your smile could do with a little refreshing, take a look at the cosmetic dentistry procedures around today. You might be surprised by what you find.