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Reasons You May Develop Gum Disease Even With Good Oral Hygiene

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Gum disease may be one of the most common ailments that people develop. But a misconception that is commonly perpetuated about this dental problem is that it is exclusively caused by poor oral hygiene. The reality is that you may have a strict oral regimen but still end up developing gum disease due to an array of other factors both within and without your control. Knowing if you are at risk of this disease can help you take the proper measures to keep your oral health safe and reduce the chances of developing periodontitis. The following are reasons why you may develop gum disease even when maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Suffering from diabetes

When you develop diabetes, there are drastic changes that occur in your body's blood vessels. The structural changes to the vessels can subsequently impair the circulation of your blood. As a result, your gums receive inadequate nutrition, as they are not experiencing optimum blood flow. With decreased nutrition, your gums become susceptible to infections, which makes it easier for you to develop gum diseases—not to mention that the high sugar levels in your saliva will also accelerate the breeding of bacteria, which also makes you more prone to gum disease.

Ingesting certain medications

An unfair aspect of gum disease is that you could also become prove to this illness while you are trying to battle another disease. Some drugs have the proclivity of diminishing the amount of saliva produced in your mouth. With decreased saliva, there is a subsequent increase in bacteria, as your mouth is not self-cleaning as well. This chain reaction makes you prone to developing gum disease. You should also note that some medications have the side effect of causing abnormal tissue growth in your gums. The abnormal growth would make it harder to clean your gums, leading to gum disease caused by trapped bacteria.

Feminine hormonal changes

An unfortunate fact about gum disease is that woman have a higher propensity for developing this ailment than men do. The reason why women have a higher proclivity for gum disease is that the drastic hormonal changes their bodies go through can change the biochemistry in their gums, making them prone to bacterial infections. Moreover, the hormonal surges can also impede blood circulation, which also increases your vulnerability to gum disease. It is advisable to always seek attention from a dentist when you feel your gums have developed inflammation.