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4 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Regular Dental Check-ups After A Getting A Dental Implant

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If you have just received a dental implant, be it just one tooth or a complete set, your dentist will request that you make several visits to the dental clinic in the months to come. Considering that dental implants require a surgical operation, it is important for you to maintain the post-operative care prescribed by your dentist. In this article, discover why regular dental check-ups are necessary after getting dental implants.

Checking for any signs of an infection

Like with any other surgical operation, the risk of getting an infection is a possibility after receiving a dental implant. Your dentist will advise you on what steps to take to avoid this. However, he/she will still need to carry out visual inspections of the implant to ascertain its condition. This is required because you may not be able to detect onset signs of an infection by yourself. Over time, the risk of getting an infection will diminish as the affected area heals completely.

Cleaning the metallic implants

Another reason why dental checks are important once an implant has been installed is because of the need to clean them. To ensure that this is done correctly, your dentist will handle the procedure themselves. This is a harmless and quick procedure that seeks to avert chances of infecting the affected area. Cleaning the implants also prevents chances of causing tooth decay to the adjacent tooth. It can also avert bad breath caused by the infection or accumulated plaque.

Checking that bone fusion is taking place

After a dental implant has been installed, the bone around it starts to fuse around it gradually. This process is vital in ensuring that the implant is firmly implanted. Fusion also shows that the surrounding tissues are bonding well with the metal implant. Post-implant dental check-ups help to ensure that this is happening as expected. If fusion fails to take place, remedial surgery may be required.

Ensuring that there is no damage to the implant

Another important reason why you should maintain your dental check-ups after receiving an implant is to have your dentist ensure that the implant is not damaged. Though rare, dental implants can get damaged due to the fusion process, especially if the implant is not strong enough. If this happens, your dentist can decide on a number of strategies such as removing the implant or restoring it. If the implant cannot be removed safely, it can be left in place and another installed to replace it.

Post-surgery dental checks are therefore vital for the success of a dental implant process. Without them, a number of things can go wrong, placing the entire process in jeopardy. For more information about check ups following an implant, contact your local dental clinic