Emergency Dentist: Knowing When to Call

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5 Common Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection

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Since wisdom teeth are right at the back of your mouth and often come through at an odd angle, they can be tougher than other teeth to keep healthy. In some cases, this can lead to infections, and these need to be dealt with as soon as possible to reduce discomfort and prevent the infection from spreading. With that in mind, here are just five common warning signs to watch out for. Read More»

4 Tips For Encouraging Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

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As a parent, you no doubt want what is best for your children. That includes ensuring they develop healthy habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Regular toothbrushing is one of the most important habits you can help your child develop. Here are four simple ways you can encourage your kid to make brushing their teeth a priority. 1. Set a good example Kids are a lot like sponges; they absorb everything they see and hear. Read More»

Why You Should See a Dentist if You're Experiencing Tooth Pain

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It’s not uncommon to experience tooth pain, but it’s not something that shouldn’t be taken seriously, either. Even though many people do suffer from tooth pain, there is typically a reason for it, so you should address that reason as soon as possible. If you can, you should call your dentist and schedule an appointment to see them as soon as possible. These are some of the reasons why this is what you should probably do. Read More»

Multitasking For Your Teeth: Can You Whiten Your Smile During Clear Aligner Treatment?

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Anyone who is undergoing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or another clear aligner system is probably looking forward to the day when their treatment is over. It’s not like the treatment is invasive or uncomfortable, but you undoubtedly want to fast forward to when your teeth are in perfect alignment. Because you are in the process of enhancing your smile, you might want to take things further. Isn’t your clear aligner treatment the perfect time to whiten your teeth? Read More»

Four Ways A Dentist Can Help Treat Abscesses Of The Teeth

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An abscess of the tooth is a very painful condition that can have serious repercussions if not treated in time. It usually happens when the root of a tooth is infected by bacteria. The bacteria reach the root of the tooth via a crack or cavity. The infection then spreads to the pulp and all around it. At this stage, the immune system begins its own fight against the bacteria and cuts off blood supply to that particular area. Read More»

When Gingivitis Becomes Acute

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Have you ever had gingivitis? It’s fairly likely that you have at some point since close to a third of Australians experience the condition in any given year. It’s a strange condition in that while your gums bleed easily (even if you barely touch them), it doesn’t exactly cause pain or even discomfort. Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis (called ANUG) is another matter entirely. Without Warning ANUG can be quite disturbing. It can develop seemingly without warning. Read More»